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Almost anyone can start a family. However, some parts of family life are governed by laws–some of these areas even require a judge’s analysis and approval in a court of law to change. Simply put, family law refers to laws that involve the family unit, or any aspect thereof. Family law includes many topics, such as divorce, child custody, LBTQ marriage rights, and child adoption. You can deal with some family law scenarios without an attorney by reading articles like this one. However, certain processes, like child custody and divorce, almost always require an attorney to navigate effectively.

This article presents an overview of what you need to know about family law in Detroit, Michigan. We’ll ensure you know exactly how to make the best decision in your situation, while treating your family and relevant parties with the respect and dignity they deserve. We recommend using a skilled attorney to advocate for and help you navigate most of family law, helping you achieve your goals faster and more effectively in what can be very challenging times.

Detroit Family Law Attorneys

What does family law cover?

Family law includes many different areas, as explained above. Here is a list of 7 main categories it covers:

Living together and marriage

This includes age of eligibility to get married, which is 18 in Michigan, and same-sex marriage, which is legal in Michigan. This also includes other kinds of partnerships. Michigan does not prohibit common law marriage, but the state itself has not validated a case of common law marriage started in the state since 1957.

Child support and custody

The family court must legally decide what’s in the child’s best interests when finalizing these agreements in a host of areas, such as living arrangements, health, and financial support.

Alimony and Divorce

Divorce must get approved by the court. You don’t necessarily need legal representation, but we strongly recommend it to avoid a great deal of heartache and financial difficulty. One spouse may have to provide for the other after the divorce, depending on the case.

Emancipation and parental liability

A child can get emancipated, or freed from their parents’ domain, if they can prove their maturity and ability to function effectively apart from them before the court. Parent liability refers to a parent’s responsibility for their child’s action until the child reaches a certain age.

Foster care and adoption

There are many laws that govern this area.

Foster care and adoption

These are primarily dealt  with in criminal court, but family law court may  deal with them as well, since they do affect the family unit.

Reproductive rights

This category includes laws covering artificial conception, abortion, and general reproduction. They’re often dealt with at the state level, but applications of these laws can apply in family law as well.

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