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Physical violence damages relationships, self-esteem, and the family unit as a whole. It is a crime in Detroit, Michigan punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine, depending on the case. However, many families still sweep this taboo topic under the rug to avoid public shame  or because they may not even be aware that what they experience is considered physical violence, such as getting stricken by a parent or a spouse in an act of discipline. This article provides an overview and the keys to helping you or a loved one identify and end domestic abuse for good. It will address important issues pertaining to domestic abuse, including defining domestic violence and abuse in Detroit, how to figure out if you’re experiencing domestic violence or abuse, what resources are available for domestic violence and abuse victims in Detroit, and what legal actions to take to end this negative experience once and for all. We strongly recommend using a family law attorney to help you determine whether you or a loved one are experiencing domestic violence, and how to deal with it most effectively.

Domestic violence defined:

In general, domestic violence refers to learned and repeated behavior–including  physical, emotional, or financial– to gain control or manipulate someone in a domestic relationship. In Detroit, Michigan, domestic, a domestic relationship refers to a current or former spouse, dating relationship or former dating relationship, child in common, or resident of the same home.

Examples of domestic violence

Domestic abuse takes a number of forms, including physical abuse, hurtful language, psychological manipulating, stalking, cyber-bullying, and more.

Unsure if you’re experiencing domestic violence from your partner or in one of your domestic relationships? Here’s a list of some common kinds of domestic violence. A qualified Detroit family attorney can certainly help you clarify whether your experience classifies as domestic violence, especially if you’re unsure. Be sure to report any of these signs to the authorities by calling 9-1-1. The following list was adopted from the Michigan State Police department’s website.

What's included in physical abuse?

  • Pushing, shoving or kicking
  • Slapping or biting
  • Strangling
  • Hitting or punching
  • Getting locked out of your home
  • Being denied help when ill, injured or pregnant
  • If the person uses a weapon against you
  • If they use a weapon against you or restrain you from leaving
  • Objects thrown at you
  • If you’re abandoned in a dangerous situation

What's included in sexual abuse?

  • If you’re forced to engage in or watch sexual acts
  • Forced to dress in a sexual way with you’re not comfortable
  • Forced to have sex after getting physically assaulted, as a condition of the relationship, or when you are ill

What's included in Emotional & Psychological Abuse?

  • If the aggressor threatens to hurt you, your family, or your pets
  • If the aggressor makes excessive fun fun of your sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, race, or heritage
  • If you’re manipulated through lies or contradiction
  • If the aggressor tells you you’re to blame for the abuse
  • Stalked

What's included in economic abuse?

  • If you’re not given access to credit cards, vehicles, or bank accounts
  • If your partner controls all finances
  • If they prevent you from keeping or taking a job or attending school
  • If they limit your access to different forms of health insurance, including health, dental, and medical
Domestic Violence Issues in Detroit, Michigan

How do you prevent domestic abuse?

It’s up to us to prevent domestic abuse from ever starting by creating a society where it’s absolutely not tolerated. But remember, call 911 any time you feel unsafe in your home, in any of your relationships, or if you notice signs of domestic abuse in another family or home. A qualified attorney in Detroit can certainly help you determine if you’re in an abusive relationship and what actions to take to end the violence, abuse, and get your life back on track. Look for warning signs, which are listed below, and be sure to take the appropriate course of action. You may have a legal and ethical obligation to report your findings depending on your profession. But we encourage you to report any sign of domestic abuse regardless of your profession, helping us improve homelife for each member of our society.

How do you stop demstic abuse?

Michigan has a series of laws that prohibit domestic abuse. These laws also severely punish those found guilty of domestic abuse. For example, suing an abuser in court allows victims potentially receive compensation to help repair the economic, physical, and emotional damages which with they were afflicted. In Michigan, domestic abuse is considered a crime punishable by 90 days in prison and/or a $500 fine. Restraining orders also serve as a legally protected method a victim can use to ensure their aggressor keeps their distance, while subjecting the aggressor to a hearing before a court of law. A restraining order also makes the aggressor face legal and monetary penalties upon violation of the order.

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