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Do I need Child Support?

Nobody wants to remain separated from their child after a divorce. Child support ensures the safety and well-being of a divorced person’s child or children after a divorce or separation, regardless of whether they live with them. This article will enable you to help your child thrive, regardless of your scenario – whether you’re a divorced parent in Michigan trying to enforce child support on a parent who won’t pay, or you’re simply confused about the child support process. As always, we recommend consulting a qualified child support attorney to help navigate these complex laws to ensure your child’s safety and well-being.

What is child support?

Child support refers to consistent, periodic payments a parent makes to help financially support their child after the end of a marriage or other supporting relationship. The parent who does not have custody of their child usually has the obligation to make these payments.

Who Pays Child Support?

Parents who don’t have custody over their children have a legal obligation to pay a monthly sum of money, child support, to help the custodial parent (the one living with their children) cover the expenses of raising their children. The court may order child support after a determination of paternity or divorce. The court looks at a host of factors when determining the number of payments the non-custodial parent must make, such as current income and income potential. Making these payments on time is essential, and you can face severe penalties by failing to make or avoiding them.

Paying child support for a child born outside marriage:

A child fathered outside marriage does not obligate the father in child support if the union ends. However, the court can force a father to pay child support upon establishing his paternity. This child support compares to regular child support as soon as the court establishes one as the father.

Child Support Process

How does the child support process work?

Firstly, You Must Determine the Conditions of Child Support Agreement:

There are three ways to determine the conditions and details of child support:

1. When parents reach an agreement through informal negotiations.

2. Court ordered.

3. An alternative dispute method, such as mediation. Informally negotiating support for your child with their other parent makes sense if you think you can reach an agreeable solution (a settlement). However, using a mediator can help you reach an effective settlement if you think you cannot do so on your own.

You Must Then Finalize the Child Support Agreement in Court:

You need to submit the agreement you’ve made with your child’s other spouse to the court, where a judge will ensure that each party willingly signed and agrees to the child support agreement. The judge will make changes if needed and then approve it. The approved agreement will then get added to part of the divorce documents if you and the child’s other parent are married. The child support agreement then gets protected by divorce laws, so one parent can take the other to court if they violate or fail to uphold their side of the agreement. Violating your side of the agreement can result in severe penalties, including fines and jail time.

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