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Whether you are faced with a pending divorce or need help in resolving a child custody or visitation rights issue, the legal challenges you face can seem overwhelming. Family law issues directly impact the most intimate relationships and it is our goal is to provide you immediate access to the legal assistance you need to make the right decisions for your future and your family.

What is included in Family Law?

Simply put, family law consists of legal matters that relate to families. Family Law includes the legal complications that people related (through blood, marriage, or adoption) may face.

Nearly everyone is faced with at least one family legal problem at some point in life and many may unfortunately be affected more often. Because family law cases can be extremely personal and emotional, the guidance empathy of an understanding and compassionate Detroit family attorney will be invaluable for helping eliminate unnecessary stress. Below are a few of the types of family law issues:

Ending a marriage is never easy, but getting divorced doesn’t have to be too hard to handle. There are many possibilities when resolving divorces, such as collaboration , meditation, and uncontested divorce. Speak with our Detroit Divorce Attorneys about which approach would fit best with your aspiration and legal needs.

Following separation or divorce, the court designates which side will be the parent with whom the child primarily resides, also known as the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent will only have the child in his or her care for a portion of time for visitation. However, in some cases, the court will order joint custody, in which both parents will have the children for the same amount of time throughout each month. Call us to speak with one of our Detroit Child Custody Attorneys.

During divorce and child custody cases, the court determines each parent’s financial responsibility for the children involved based on each party’s financial abilities. Afterwards, the court decides on how much money should be paid by one party to the other. Generally, the parent earning more money will pay the other parent to help even out their financial contributions for the needs of the children. Regardless, it’s important to remember that both parents still retain the same moral obligations to support their children in any way possible. If you’re wondering what your rights are when it comes to child support call our Detroit Child Support Attorneys now. 


In some circumstances, a court may decide that a biological parent is unsuitable to provide for the needs of the child and will terminate their parental rights. This can also occur when parents voluntarily gives up rights to their children. Adoption and foster care are court-led processes in which new parents establish legal rights over parental responsibilities for the needs of a child. Speak to our Detroit Family Law Attorneys today to discuss your options. 

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The Detroit Family Attorneys' Services

Personal Guidance Through Family Transitions

Deciding to end a relationship through divorce marks a crossroad in life. It’s essential to have the best divorce attorneys on your side who will explain every step, every option and every legal possibility available. This level of guidance can help you make these difficult decisions confidently which will help you start the next portion of your life with peace of mind. Our Detroit Divorce Lawyers have dealt with dozens of simple and complex cases and will empathetically do everything they can to lend a helping hand.

Establishing and Maintaining Focus on the Child in Child Custody & Visitation Cases

Few things are more difficult and heartbreaking than a child caught in the middle of a custody battle. Something unique about our firm is that our child custody & visitation attorneys are parents themselves, so they understand the joys and rewards, anxiety and hardship of parenthood and the relationships that develop between parents and child. Our Detroit Child Custody Lawyers are experts in custody and visitation law and will do everything in their power for you to be treated fairly. 

Establishing, Changing, and Enforcing Child Support

Child support is mandated by Michigan State law and must be included in any divorce. In no way is child support enforced in order to punish the person required to pay it or reward the parent who receives it. Rather, it is in order to benefit the child. That is why the obligation to pay child support cannot be discharged through bankruptcy or unemployment, and cannot be voluntarily waived by the custodial parent. Our Detroit Child Support Attorneys will help you understand the law of child support in Detroit, MI and assist you to establish, change or enforce child support at any stage in the process.

Crisis Control When Your Family is in Need of Legal Help

It is essential for Family Law Attorneys to recognize and concretize the importance of negotiating an agreeable resolution for all parties involved. We know that divorce and other family law encounters can take a significant financial tole on families. Our Detroit Family Attorneys can help you negotiate a separation or settlement agreement, and also retrieve an uncontested divorce in a quick and affordable manner. One of our main goals is to help you resolve your legal problems as quickly as possible so you can begin to move forward with your life. We also recognize and respect your need for clarity throughout the process. Our Detroit Family Lawyers are expert educators who pride themselves on keeping their clients informed and comfortable every step of the way.

We Take Allegations of Domestic Violence and Abuse Very Seriously

Police and civil authorities in Detroit, MI take domestic violence reports very seriously, and so do our Detroit Family Attorneys. However, unfortunately, the system is not perfect. Without legal representation, victims of domestic assault can find it difficult to receive the legal protections available. On the other hand, those accused of an act of domestic assault or spousal abuse may face serious immediate consequences — prior to any determination of guilt or innocence. Regardless, it is essential to secure the appropriate legal representation on your side is times of crisis such as these. Are you experiencing domestic violence? Speak to our Detroit Domestic Violence Attorneys today. 

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